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Features of our oil

Here are the peculiarities of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Extra Virgin Oil

    The olive oil is extra virgin when, in addition to being extracted mechanically, has an acidity of less than 0.8%

  • Cold Pressed

    The cold pressing is one of the mechanical methods for the extraction of vegetable oils, it performs cold (below 27 °) and does not include any chemical treatment.

  • Biologic

    To be defined as biologic, the oil must be produced in a natural way without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

  • healthy

    It contains a rich concentration of polyphenols, powerful antioxidants, and it is also suitable for those with cholesterol problems

Oil varieties

We produce two different types of oil to meet the needs of all customers


QUALITY: Varietal top of Mola, the top of Bitonto and Ogliarola in varying percentages grown using techniques bioagriole certified to production.
COLOUR: Greenish yellow with golden reflections.
FRAGRANCE: Artichoke and cardoon Note with celery and lettuce slightly spicy scent.
APPEARANCE: Clean and good consistency, good body and easy to think of as very versatile in its use.
FLAVOUR: Bite bitter with mild spicy aftertaste negligible. It is fruity, very aromatic with notes of spices, oregano and rosemary, noteworthy and fresh hints of artichoke and cardoon accompanied by subtle notes of toasted almonds. The fluidity and its fullness define it as a product suitable for all tastes even the most demanding ones who will find a perfect balance given the remarkable versatility. Leaves the palate a fresh scent of leafy vegetables, hints of cabbage and salad are present but also a final aftertaste confirms the presence of coratina cultivars. Product with balanced characteristics and in line with users attentive to the quality and wholesomeness without neglecting the organoleptic characteristics that make this oil an excellent product.


QUALITY: Monovarietal coratina 100% grown by techniques bioagricole certified to production.
COLOR: Yellow iridescent emerald green and golden hues.
FRAGRANCE: Scent of unripe fruit, green apple and toasted nuts with strong hints of thistle and artichoke. Shades of fresh vegetables from leaf.
APPEARANCE: Clean and remarkable consistency, excellent body and easy to think of as a product of very high efficiency in its use.
FLAVOUR: Taste bitter and tingling of significant hint presence denote a common feature in its high quality varietal and of course loads of polyphenols. At the beginning a note of nuts and toasted nuts (peanut sesame) almost nutty with a emanate of important references to fresh artichoke and cardoon but bitter close to wild onions with slightly spicy notes of licorice and rosemary make this product taste enveloping and complex, extraordinarily rich in naturally merits. At palate remains a fresh note almost balmy and wrapping of freshly cut fresh vegetables such as lettuce, broccoli and an aftertaste bitter but mature, pleasant and not overwhelming by pinch in the throat that consecrate its superior product structure and very close to the absolute excellence of this varietal with its large natural organoleptic characteristics.


Here are the prices for the purchase of our organic olive oil

olio bio chimientiORGANIC OIL PRICE:
€ 8 for liter, excluding pack!

Can 5 lt. € 1.50
Can 3 lt. € 1.00
Can 2 lt. € 1.00
Cans 1 lt. € 0.80
Fiorentina 0.5 lt bottle. € 0.60
Intrusion 0.5 lt bottle. € 0.80
Intrusion 2.5 lt bottle. € 0.80

To make an order contact us by phone or email indicating the amount and method of packaging.

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Adopt an olive tree

10Have you always wanted to own and take care of a tree of your own, but you do not have a chance?
We give you possible to go fulfill your wish by joining the new initiative “ADOPT AN OLIVE TREE!
With an annual fee of only 150you adopt one of our olive trees, you will be notified of your tree code and every time you’ll want to send you photos and your personal tree information, we we’ll take care for you!
The annual fee you will be entitled for FREE to 20 liters (4 cans of 5 liters) of our organic olive oil produced from your tree!


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